Our Process

Matching the right people, with
the right role, in the right
company at the right time.

Recruitment Partner - International Achievers Group

Knowledge, Experience, and standards, delivering the right fit every time

At International Achievers Group, we begin with what we believe every good recruitment agency should have, local knowledge, extensive experience and
expertise, not only in the recruitment business but in the industries we serve.

Our team also brings some less common skills to the recruitment process – good judgement, attention to the minutia and steadfast standards. We scrutinise every placement we make with exacting detail and we pride ourselves ability to match the right person for the job, every time.

4 phases of successful placements


We meet, discuss and agree what your needs are and who you are as a company

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We look into your organisation to see what is currently working for you

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We identify any skill gaps that are present at every level of your organisation

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We discuss the culture in your organisation and outline how you want to progress

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We agree priorities and timelines around your company’s recruitment requirements

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2 Finding the right fit

We offer business analysis to understand your business drivers and support your
business needs

We put our extensive talent sourcing process into action

We gather and read all CVs using a
dedicated email address.

We screen and shortlist candidates who meet your qualifications and ‘essentials’ criteria

We then face to face interview all suitable candidates.

We shortlist again, including
psychometric testing, presenting to you a list of ‘best fit’ candidates.

If desired, we co-interview with you and advise on ‘best fit’ for your company

We follow up all
unsuccessful candidates ensuring consistent

We take care of the candidate ‘offer’,
negotiation, reference gathering and contract

We offer complete transparency
providing full process and candidate reporting

3 Making sure that candidates shine for their role

We make sure that we offer only roles that candidates are fully skilled for and suited to, both culturally and in qualification. Our role is to ensure that every candidate who comes to us looking to progress their career is given the best opportunity to shine and be the best version of themselves. 

  • Matching candidates to the best roles for them by getting to know them
  • Advising candidates on CVs and also offering advise through interview
  • Advising clients on the best approach to interview based on our company
  • We will feedback insights to unsuccessful clients to ensure maximum success rates
Recruitment Partner - International Achievers Group
Recruitment Partner - International Achievers Group
4 Meaningful follow up to ensure success

The last step, and one we place huge emphasis on, is following up with both the company and the candidate to ensure that the candidate is delivering within the role and thriving within the company. We stay in touch and follow up consistently with both parties throughout the process and engagement.

We want to ensure a great fit every time and hope to create a long term
partnership as your company grows. In the unlikely event that it doesn’t work out, we continue to work closely with you to ultimately develop a positive outcome, getting the right candidate into the role.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure you have peace of mind that the right people are in place to drive value for your business, and to ensure all our clients feel taken care of, understood, and supported always.

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