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Attract exceptional talent
with a managed service for
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Bespoke Outsourced Recruitment - International Achievers Group

Providing bespoke outsourced recruitment services worldwide

Our managed services option will provide you with a cost effective and time efficient way of resourcing your high level talent requirements and we offer a wide ranging recruitment service to find the perfect candidates for your company.

From our extensive CRM system of candidates, targeted headhunting and advertising we can offer you the perfect shortlist of the finest candidates and hone that down through interview to ensure those reaching you are vetted thoroughly and very highly qualified for the position on offer.

Matching the finest talent with ambitious companies

We like to get to know you pretty quickly. We begin with an in-depth look at your company, your mission, your values and drivers and your company culture. We learn about the type of candidate you are looking for and we set expectations immediately.

Getting to know you and your company

We meet, discuss and agree what your needs are and who you are as a company

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We look into your organisation to see what is currently working for you

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We identify any skill gaps that are present at every level of your organisation

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We discuss the culture in your organisation and outline how you want to progress

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We agree priorities and timelines around your company’s recruitment requirements

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Sourcing the best candidates

  1. We put our extensive talent sourcing process into action
  2. We set up a dedicated email address to receive all CVs directly, taking the considerable communications burden from you
  3. We screen and shortlist candidates who meet your qualifications and essentials criteria
  4. We then face to face interview all suitable candidates
  5. We shortlist again – this time using our expertise and judgement and present to you a list of ‘best fit’ candidates
  6. We inform all unsuccessful candidates on your behalf with pre-agreed text and with everything recorded on our CRM system, protecting your brand at all times
  7. If desired, we co-interview with you and advise on the best person to fit the position in your company for now and into the future
  8. We take care of the ‘offer’ to the candidate. From
    negotiation, reference gathering and contract signing
  9. We give you complete transparency – at the end of the process, we provide you with a Statistics Report detailing numbers of individuals we have screened, presented, hours spent etc. on your behalf

Your outsourced recruitment department

Managing organisational strategy, business growth and talent acquisition is only successful with an effective recruitment team. As your organisation grows, it is important to get the ‘people fit’ right first time and that means having a recruitment team that has access to the finest of talent globally and locally.

As your recruitment partner International Achievers Group will fit seamlessly into your organisation, providing you with local knowledge and expertise in all areas of employment and recruitment:

Manage and advise on part or all of your recruitment functions

Develop your recruitment strategy and align it with company strategy

Partner with you to build effective senior management teams and boards of directors

Advise and guide on employment law and health & safety

Development of policies and procedures documentation

Management of employee wellbeing and development of leadership training programmes

Development of performance and reward schemes

Localized coaching for your senior executive management teams and boards of directors

Advise on recruitment trends, legal and obligatory changes in people employment

Advise on all matters of recruitment, retention and talent management

Other Bespoke managed services

Bespoke Managed Services - International Achievers Group
  • Business Situation Analysis/ Competency Gap Analysis to fully understand your business drivers and your competence gaps in the organisation to support your business needs
  • Identification of a selection of suitable professional candidates to meet business requirements
  • Support in the onboarding of new hires
  • One off contingencies work to meet project requirements
  • Psychometric testing of existing staff and new hires
  • Support in the payroll of new staff
  • All related legal activities to the onboarding of new hires according to local laws
  • Act as your agency on the ground in Ireland when interfacing with government bodies

The process is easy

We had been struggling to find the right talent for some time and International Achievers Group seemed to be a good match for our needs. Most of the translation/localization professionals they proposed match our quality expectations and they were able to find the right candidates for us. We hired a few!

The process is easy. The International Achievers Group team make themselves available to us and if we need clarification on anything or to discuss things with them, a contact is available upon request.

I recommend using International Achievers Group. We had been struggling to find the right talent and the International Achievers Group team have solved this problem for us.

Fox Translations Logo
Vlad Fox
President of Fox Translations

Their candidates have been very high caliber

We have been delighted with the recruiting service provided by International Achievers Group, and their candidates have been very high caliber. I would highly recommend them.

BIG Language Solutions Resized
Jeff Brink, Founder & CEO
BIG Language Solutions

World class service!

As leader of a global company offering talent, innovative technologies and decades of localization experience I need to be sure that when I’m looking to fill a role, the candidates I see are of the highest calibre and a really good fit for Andovar. I’m delighted to work with International Achievers Group on filling roles and I find them extremely thorough and knowledgeable with access to a wide network of very highly skilled and experienced candidates. With extensive knowledge of the M&A market. World class service!

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Conor Bracken, CEO

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure you have peace of mind that the right people are in place to drive value for your business, and to ensure all our clients feel taken care of, understood, and supported always.

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