Localization Recruiting Case Study

“What we’ve found with International Achievers Group is that they’ve been really able to ask the hard questions to get the right people in front of us.”


– Nicole Spyt-James, AvantPage

Localization Recruiting For AvantPage

Our Need For A Trusted Recruitment Partner

“We needed a recruitment partner we could trust to help us fill both entry-level roles and more demanding managerial positions within our organization. We sought the services of International Achievers Group (IAG) with this particular need.”


Understanding Needs And Company Culture

Getting to Know Our Organization

“Victoria from IAG took the time to understand our organization’s needs, our values, mission, vision, and ethics, resulting in a more personalized service. Victoria’s approach was key in selecting suitable candidates who resonated with our company’s ethos.”


Pushing Boundaries

Expanding Our Hiring Horizons

“Victoria challenged us to step out of our comfort zone, encouraging us to consider candidates outside our usual profile. Her intuition resulted in an excellent hire who brought more value to our team than we initially expected.”


Understanding Recruitment Needs

Aligning Recruitment with Our Company Culture

“Finding candidates who match our company’s values was a crucial part of our recruitment process, and IAG proved to be experts in asking the hard questions to ensure the right candidates emerged.”


Fast and Efficient Recruitment

Recruitment with Speed and Precision

As our company is rapidly growing, we require a recruitment agency that can provide candidates almost instantaneously. International Achievers Group’s swift response to our hiring needs contributed significantly to our company’s growth.


Cost Vs Benefits

The Value in Choosing IAG

The cost of retaining IAG was comparable to hiring an internal recruiter; however, the access to IAG’s groomed candidates and their expertise added more value to our hiring process.


Going Beyond Expectations

The International Achievers Group Experience

Engaging IAG in our recruitment process has proven beneficial in several ways including expedited hiring, aligned candidate selection, and cost-effectiveness. Their expertise, coupled with their expansive network, provided value beyond the norm. We highly recommend International Achievers Group for any organization seeking a recruitment partner that offers more than the standard.

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Finding High Quality Candidates

Advertising open positions, mining our network and candidate database and head-hunting when required.

Screening & Interviewing

Screening, interviewing and testing potentially suitable candidates to ensure they are the right fit for your company.

Managing The Hiring Process

Managing candidate applications, job offers and rejections on your behalf  ensuring a positive experience, start to finish.

Contract Negotiations

Handling contract and remuneration negotiations and managing candidate expectations throughout the process.

Onboarding Candidates

Working with you and the candidate to maximise the chance for successful candidate placements.

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