LocTeam Strategy and Planning Service

Are you struggling to build a functional, effective team to implement your localization strategy?

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LocTeam Strategy and Planning Service

This service is a comprehensive audit of your localization team. It is designed to help growing companies like yours to think the right way about who you need to hire to build your localization operations.

We help you identify:


Who do you need?


When do you need them?


Part-time or full-time?

We help you understand your localization goals, then set up the right team to achieve them.

Make your company truly appealing to the right candidates and onboard them effectively.

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Understand Your Plans For Growth

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Determine Your Localization Team Goals

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Discover Your MVT (Minimum viable team)

From just $6,000, one-time fee.

How To Attract Top Talent In A Post-covid World
It’s not just the knowledge and qualifications a new recruit brings to your business, it’s much more – their personality, their skills, their drive, their vision… all factors that will add greatly to your company’s success.

We place the right person in the right job with the right company.

The process is easy

We had been struggling to find the right talent for some time and International Achievers Group seemed to be a good match for our needs. Most of the translation/localization professionals they proposed match our quality expectations and they were able to find the right candidates for us. We hired a few!

The process is easy. The International Achievers Group team make themselves available to us and if we need clarification on anything or to discuss things with them, a contact is available upon request.

I recommend using International Achievers Group. We had been struggling to find the right talent and the International Achievers Group team have solved this problem for us.

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Vlad Fox
President of Fox Translations

Their candidates have been very high caliber

We have been delighted with the recruiting service provided by International Achievers Group, and their candidates have been very high caliber. I would highly recommend them.

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Jeff Brink, Founder & CEO
BIG Language Solutions

World class service!

As leader of a global company offering talent, innovative technologies and decades of localization experience I need to be sure that when I’m looking to fill a role, the candidates I see are of the highest calibre and a really good fit for Andovar. I’m delighted to work with International Achievers Group on filling roles and I find them extremely thorough and knowledgeable with access to a wide network of very highly skilled and experienced candidates. With extensive knowledge of the M&A market. World class service!

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Conor Bracken, CEO

We help LSPs to grow, increase value & boost revenue.

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