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eBook: Choosing Cultural “Adds” Over Cultural “Fits”

How It Can Help HR Recruit From A More Localised Perspective

The latest trends in recruitment have seen a rise in hiring managers choosing cultural adds over cultural fits.

Company culture is becoming increasingly vital to businesses, employees and potential candidates alike, with a recent global survey finding that 67% of respondents thought that a company’s culture was more important than its operations or strategy.

The importance of company culture also affects the decisions made by hiring teams, for example, by weighing up the differences between cultural ‘fits’ (employees who fit into the existing company culture) and cultural ‘adds’ (employees who can possibly challenge it).

In this free, downloadable eBook: Choosing Cultural Adds Over Cultural Fits, we explore how recruiting staff that challenge the existing company culture can potentially be of major benefit to your organisation.

eBook: Choosing Cultural Adds Over Cultural Fits

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