Sales and Customer Service

Arizona (#8198299)


  • +10 years of experience in Sales in the banking industry and +3 years of experience in Sales in the LSP industry.
  • Previous experience in the LSP industry as a BD and AM in the interpretation and translation side.
  • 84% of the clients of her last company were won by her.
  • Sold services and products.
  • Handled up to 12K accounts all around the US.
  • Main targets: health companies, insurance companies, and lawyer offices.
  • No bachelor’s degree, but solid experience. She is a person who is eager to work, to keep growing in the LSP sector, and to keep learning.


  • Native English
  • Intermediate Spanish

Soft Skills

  • work ethic
  • hard worker
  • responsible
  • organized
  • communication and writing skills
  • focused


1 week

Salary Expectations

65K per year

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