The Benefits Of Investing In A Localisation Strategy

by | May 22, 2023 | Localisation

In today’s interconnected global marketplace, there is growing pressure on SMEs to expand their reach beyond their domestic borders. This is an exciting idea in theory, but in practice, it takes a lot of hard work and one essential tool to achieve success: a comprehensive localisation strategy.

As businesses strive to tap into new markets and engage with diverse audiences, the importance of a well-executed localisation strategy cannot be overstated. Investing in localisation allows companies to adapt their brand, products and services to resonate with a variety of cultures, languages and preferences, ultimately driving business growth and success.

In this article, we explore the numerous benefits of implementing a localisation strategy for your business, while discussing why it will be the best investment you’ll ever make.


The Benefits Of Investing In A Localisation Strategy - Infographic - SM - International Achievers Group


What is a localisation strategy?


Simply put, a localisation strategy is a step-by-step plan that details how a brand and its offerings will be adapted to numerous markets worldwide. A thorough strategy will see a company tailoring their offerings to meet the specific needs and preferences of its desired target markets.

Many confuse localisation with translation, and while translation is a key element, the process of localisation extends far beyond this one aspect, encompassing cultural adaptation, linguistic nuances and market-specific considerations.

It is undoubtedly a thorough task; in essence, it involves tweaking the nuances of a brand multiple times to ensure more seamless integration into a variety of global markets. But with 84% of respondents to a recent survey revealing they experienced a moderately or extremely positive impact on revenue growth following the localisation of their content, it would appear that significant effort can lead to significant gain.


Why should SMEs invest in a localisation strategy?


By investing in a comprehensive localisation strategy, SMEs can establish a strong foothold in new markets, gain a competitive edge and foster meaningful connections with customers abroad.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the many benefits of implementing a localisation strategy:


It opens up opportunities in untapped markets


Expanding into new markets can present lucrative opportunities for SMEs. To successfully enter these markets, however, a carefully tailored localisation strategy is essential.

A localisation strategy, if carefully executed, enables businesses to overcome language barriers, cultural differences and regulatory complexities, paving the way for a more seamless market expansion.

With an estimated 46% of internet users showing a preference for local search features, and 55% of global consumers revealing they would only purchase from websites offering product information in their native language, the power and potential of a strong strategy are undeniable.


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It provides an enhanced customer experience


A well-implemented localisation strategy enables businesses to deliver an exceptional customer experience. By speaking the language of their target audience and understanding their cultural distinctions, companies can build trust and credibility.

Localised content demonstrates a commitment to meeting customer needs, understanding what makes them tick and showing respect for their unique cultural context.


It gives businesses a competitive advantage


Given the huge rise in eCommerce, particularly within the last decade, businesses are facing increasing competition in their relative sectors. This is why a company must differentiate themselves from their rivals.

Rolling out a strong localisation strategy can provide a significant competitive advantage. By adapting marketing campaigns, website content and product descriptions to resonate with local audiences, SMEs can position themselves as the preferred choice across several markets.


It can save a brand’s reputation


Expanding blindly into a global market without a strategic localisation plan in place can spell disaster, both in financial and reputational terms.

To avoid making a cultural blunder that could lead to an irreparably damaged reputation, a brand must ensure that its localisation strategy has not only been carefully thought out and constructed to allow for cultural nuances but that it has been overseen by the best in the business.

This is why having a skilled localisation team can prove to be a make-or-break move for SMEs. Seeking the help of a localisation recruitment specialist will give you access to the top talent that will help bring your strategy to life.


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It facilitates a higher search engine ranking


While localisation can place your brand on the international map, it does something very similar in the context of the online space.

If a company’s website has been localised to a high standard, with excellent language and currency translation in place, it will increase the likelihood of the brand being found (and hopefully, at a higher ranking) on the relative search engine.

Localisation caters for the addition of colloquial words and phrases, which shoppers all over the world will utilise when searching for a desired product. Therefore, it stands to reason that if a localised website has been adapted successfully, its brand, products and services will become available to global shoppers at the click of a mouse.


International Achievers Group can help you recruit a talented team to build your localisation strategy


With decades of experience in the localisation industry, International Achievers Group offers unparalleled localisation recruitment services to help businesses build successful localisation strategies.

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By leveraging our extensive network and in-depth knowledge of the localisation field, our clients can link up with professionals who possess the linguistic and cultural expertise necessary to execute a successful localisation strategy.

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The Benefits Of Investing In A Localisation Strategy - Infographic - SM - International Achievers Group