7 Ways Outsourced Recruiting Transforms A Cost Center Into A Revenue Driver

by | Oct 5, 2023 | Recruitment

Over the past few years, global companies across numerous sectors have been blighted by drastic skills shortages, increased employee turnover, and a pressing need to build a strong employer brand that is attractive to top-tier candidates. The localization industry has been no stranger to these issues. An effective outsourced recruiting process has never been more critical for scaling companies.

Unfortunately (and unfairly), the traditional view of recruitment has been that of a cost center – an internal department that costs money to run but that does not actively earn a tangible profit for the company. This reputation has stemmed from the need for recruiting professionals to spend countless working hours and large amounts of capital on finding the right candidate for a variety of roles. It has also been exacerbated by the fact that recruitment efforts are often unsuccessful because they are carried out by internal HR teams instead of recruiting experts, who potentially lack the time and training to succeed.

However, as the need for top-tier talent in localization has amplified in recent years because of strong global growth, the urgency of effective recruitment has become more and more clear. Nowadays, this vital function is being viewed as a revenue driver for businesses across the world, and it is quickly beginning to shed its status as a cost center. One of the key catalysts for this shift in perception has been the work carried out by localization recruitment specialists; experts in the field who source, screen, and secure the best candidates for the most crucial roles. Countless companies are now seeing the benefits of outsourcing recruitment to these professionals, and are reaping the long-term rewards of this initial investment.

In this article, we explore this topic in greater detail, explaining why outsourced recruitment is gaining traction as a serious revenue driver for growing companies.


How Outsourced Recruiting Transforms A Cost Center Into A Revenue Driver - Infographic - SM - International Achievers Group


What are the 7 key benefits of outsourced recruiting?


Outsourcing your localization recruiting is a strong strategic move. There are powerful benefits to this that can directly impact your business’s growth and bottom line.


1. Outsourced recruiting drives growth


Effective recruiting is at the core of business expansion. Hiring capable and experienced individuals will have a positive effect on the growth of a business when they use their knowledge to drive key initiatives for your business. On the opposite side of the scale, poor hiring decisions can lead to revenue loss due to underperforming employees or frequent turnover. When recruitment is outsourced to the experts, they leverage their knowledge of the localization industry and combine it with their experience to identify and attract top talent.


2. It increases a business’s valuation


When a company is perceived as having a skilled and stable team in place, it becomes more attractive to potential investors or buyers. It’s a known fact that investors are willing to pay a premium for companies with a history of successful hires and an impressive talent pool.
When you gain a strong workforce through outsourcing localization staffing needs to the experts, potential buyers perceive the stability and growth potential of your company, increasing its overall value.


3. It saves money


The recruitment process can be costly, both in terms of time and resources. Ineffective recruitment processes lead to wasted time and money, and often poor hiring decisions. Moreover, internal departments may not have the specialized skills or the necessary time to conduct thorough, efficient and cost-effective recruitment.

Outsourcing recruitment to localization staffing specialists, on the other hand, allows companies to tap into the expertise of professionals who specialize in finding the right candidates – swiftly. This not only reduces the time it takes to fill positions but also lowers the overall cost per hire, thanks to a higher likelihood of finding the right candidate on the first attempt. What’s more, research has revealed that by outsourcing recruitment, companies can reduce their in-house HR costs by 70%.


4. Outsourced recruiting leads to faster product launches and project completion


When top talent is brought in and when those people stay long-term, work gets done faster and more effectively. Top talent doesn’t just contribute to the success of existing projects and teams; they can accelerate product launches and project completions. Highly skilled professionals are more efficient and productive, reducing time-to-market for your products or services.


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5. It helps fill roles much more quickly


With the average time-to-hire rate now at an all-time high of 44 days, HR departments have never been under more fierce pressure to perform. Those in an internal recruitment role are no doubt feeling the heat; not only is there a scarcity of top localization talent to contend with, but they are also trying to balance their everyday operational tasks with filtering through applications, coordinating screening tests and interviews, and inevitably, finding the best candidate to fill one or more localization roles.

Rather than placing undue stress on these departments, companies should instead focus on outsourcing the integral role of recruitment to the experts; the people who are trained and experienced in finding the cream of the candidate crop. This saves vital time for companies desperate to fill top positions.


6. It improves the experience of every applicant


Outsourcing recruitment doesn’t only benefit the hiring process; it enhances the experience of every applicant. When an applicant has a positive experience with an interviewing company, they are more likely to become customers or advocates. Importantly, they are also more likely to accept an offer.

A well-structured, professional recruitment process reflects positively on a brand – even with candidates who aren’t selected for a particular role. These individuals may still be potential assets for an organization down the line, whether as future hires, customers or partners.


7. Outsourcing localization recruitment plays a part in the direction and success of a corporation


The impact of a single great hire in a key localization role cannot be underestimated. It has the potential to change the direction and success of an entire corporation.

For example, a top-tier executive, manager or specialist can bring fresh perspectives, but also a wealth of experience that can transform a company’s strategy and eventual profitability. This individual can lead initiatives, drive revenue and set the course for the entire organization.

For these reasons above, recruitment – and outsourced recruitment in particular – is no longer being viewed as a cash center. It is becoming increasingly thought of as a strategic investment that has a profound impact on an organization’s overall success.


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Outsourced recruiting – the most impactful talent management function


It’s no secret that the right talent is the foundation of a successful organization…but it’s a huge struggle when the hiring manager doesn’t have the time to dedicate or the expertise to handle sourcing, vetting, and interviewing candidates When you outsource recruiting to localization staffing experts, you hand over the responsibility to those who know best; those who can identify and attract candidates with the specific skills and experience needed to excel in critical roles.

As the business world shifts from viewing recruitment as a cost center to recognizing its potential as a revenue driver, it’s time for HR and operational managers in global businesses and localization firms to reconsider their approach – and International Achievers Group offers a transformative solution.

Localization recruitment specialists like us typically interview with two key criteria in mind: experience-based technical ability and organizational fit. The former is set to be a core focus for the foreseeable future, with 75% of recruitment pros predicting that skills-first hiring will become a priority in the coming 18 months. Directing the recruitment process in such a targeted way will result in top-tier hires who bring valuable expertise and drive to the ranks.

Our expert team understands the nuances of localization recruitment, and we provide a tailored approach that ensures the right fit, reducing costly hiring mistakes and optimizing team productivity. The benefits of our localization recruitment services are limitless, enabling growing businesses to tap into global talent and further drive expansion.

Contact us today to schedule a time to talk about your need for localization recruiting help, and don’t forget to check out our frequently updated blog and resources for the latest localization industry updates.


How Outsourced Recruiting Transforms A Cost Center Into A Revenue Driver - Infographic - SM - International Achievers Group