Our 6 Most Effective Strategies For Recruiting Localization Staff

by | Dec 4, 2023 | Recruitment

Finding the perfect hire when recruiting localization staff can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. The challenge lies not only in the shortage of qualified individuals but also in the refined nature of the job itself. Localization demands a unique skill set that blends some or all of the following: linguistic finesse, cultural savvy, and technical prowess. Sourcing candidates who check all these boxes can be a difficult task.

Assessing a candidate’s suitability for a localization role is also tricky. How do you tell if people are good at the job they claim to do? The importance of striking this balancing act is huge, and traditional hiring metrics often fall short of the mark.

Without an effective recruitment process and an existing network within the localization industry, finding the right talent becomes a mammoth task. It’s not only about recruitment; it’s about navigating a specialized field where a unique blend of skills is required for success.

Before we share our six most effective strategies for recruiting localization staff, let’s first examine the challenges that go with recruiting within the localization industry.


Our 6 Most Effective Strategies For Recruiting Localization Staff - Infographic - SM - International Achievers Group


The challenges of recruiting localization staff


Recruiting for localization roles is no walk in the park, thanks to the unique combination of skills these positions demand. Aside from having to find candidates with a mix of linguistic, technical, and business skills, the process of recruiting for localization also requires the vetting of candidates.

Then, for businesses new to localization or lacking a dedicated HR team, building a network of qualified candidates in the niche world of localization takes time; something expanding companies have in short supply.

To recruit effectively hiring managers must blend three key ingredients: recruiting expertise, industry know-how and a well-established network of candidates. Without these, you might end up with candidates who lack the right combination of skills to drive your business forward.


6 effective strategies to ensure success with localization recruiting


At the heart of our recruitment strategy for localization positions is a meticulous approach aimed at finding the perfect candidate. To offset the challenges we just listed, here are the top six key strategies we implement to optimize the entire recruiting experience:


1. Define clear selection criteria


We pinpoint selection criteria for each role to ensure we’re not just looking for a candidate, but the right candidate tailored to the specific demands of the position. Criteria can include any degree required, years of experience, work at a similar company/in a similar industry, specific software experience, and/or certifications.


2. Screen resumes against those criteria


The process continues with a deep dive into resumes. We use humans to do this because an automated tool doesn’t show us the person behind the words. We’re not just scanning for keywords; we’re searching for a talented individual who aligns with the industry’s requirements and the job on offer. It’s about more than just qualifications – it’s about a candidate’s journey, experiences and how they’ve honed their skills against the unique backdrop of localization.


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3. Search our database


Our secret weapon? An extensive database that’s an extensive bench of potential pre-vetted and qualified matches for numerous roles. We’ve built this database of exceptional candidates over 20 years of networking in the industry.


4. Use of recruiting tech


Utilizing the advancements in technology, we effectively bridge the gap and create meaningful connections between the diverse candidate profiles and the multifaceted, specific requirements of localization roles in the industry.


5. Conduct interviews with carefully crafted questions


Up until now, we haven’t spoken with the candidate, but the ideal fit between the company, the role and the candidate comes to light with our interview process. We speak with each candidate not just about their skills but also their interaction style, personality profile and general attitude, all of which give us an insight into their potential fit for your company. We delve into their experiences, exploring how they’ve dealt with various challenges in past roles. We also ask questions about their adaptability, communication style and cultural fluency.


6. Test competency

When useful, we test for technical proficiency and linguistic ability. For example, we may ask for a sample translation from a candidate for a language lead role.

Our focused and formal 5-step process comes from years of experience in both recruiting and the localization industry. This is why countless companies are now choosing to outsource recruiting to a specialist agency.


The ROI of hiring a recruitment agency


Hiring a recruiting agency, especially for those working within a complex industry like localization, fast-tracks success. Engaging with International Achievers Group can slash the time-to-hire, sparing HR teams and hiring managers from a prolonged search for the perfect candidate. Time saved is money saved, so the overall cost of recruiting is reduced.

But it’s not just about speed – it’s about precision. Recruiting agencies are seasoned experts in finding ideal candidates for each role. This knack for finding the right fit isn’t simply a win in terms of initial candidate placement; it also drives retention. Reduced turnover means fewer rounds of rehiring and training, translating to significant cost savings in the long run.

In the world of localization, where precision is everything, partnering with a recruiting agency is a strategic move that pays dividends.


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The importance of hiring the right people


At International Achievers Group, we believe that you shouldn’t settle for good enough when exceptional is within reach. Partnering with us isn’t just about convenience; it’s a strategic decision with ripple effects on long-term business success. We don’t simply “find” candidates; we help you build a team with the right technical, linguistic and business skills, enabling you to drive global growth through localization more quickly and efficiently.

If you are growing your business across borders and need help and guidance with your localization recruitment strategy, you can rely on the expertise of International Achievers Group to solve all of your recruiting challenges.

Contact us today to discuss your localization staffing needs and learn more about how our localization recruitment services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. You can rely on our 20-plus years of experience to help you and your business get to where you want to be.


Our 6 Most Effective Strategies For Recruiting Localization Staff - Infographic - SM - International Achievers Group