The Benefits Of Partnering With A Localisation Recruitment Company

by | Jul 19, 2023 | Localisation, Recruitment

Partnering with a localisation recruitment company has become an essential strategy in today’s globalised marketplace, where the demand for tailored services and products is escalating. But the true value emerges when specific roles within localisation are leveraged, delivering unique benefits that directly influence business success.

For instance, a Localisation Project Manager can drive the seamless execution of localisation strategies, leading to quicker market penetration. Their expertise in overseeing diverse teams and managing complex tasks ensures that your brand’s message remains consistent and impactful across all cultural and linguistic barriers. Furthermore, a Director of Localisation can provide visionary leadership and strategic direction for all localisation efforts.

With such examples in mind, it is clear that specific localisation roles can have a significant impact on your organisation. Harnessing the potential of these localisation roles can elevate your brand’s global recognition, boost customer loyalty, and ultimately, increase your market share. In a world where every business is vying for customer attention, capitalising on the expertise of localisation professionals will place your company a step ahead, shaping your unique identity in each market you serve. Hiring the right localisation talent is key to achieving this, and it is at this crucial point that localisation recruitment companies enter the picture.

These professionals are equipped with the expertise and knowledge required to not only find the localisation specialists to help build such strategies, but to match them with the right companies.

In this post, we explore the many benefits of partnering with a localisation recruitment company when putting plans in place for expansion into new markets.


The Benefits Of Partnering With A Localisation Recruitment Company - Infographic - SM - International Achievers Group


What role does a localisation recruitment company play?


A localisation recruitment company connects Language Service Providers (LSPs) and global businesses with results-oriented and highly-qualified localisation talent. Expertise in sourcing localisation talent requires a deep understanding of candidates and qualifications – which is exactly what a localisation recruitment company is armed with.

They specialise in sourcing, screening and placing professionals who possess the business, linguistic, cultural and technical acumen and skills required to run effective localisation programs for B2Bs or to drive business goals for LSPs. Their services include candidate sourcing, interviewing, skills assessment, matching candidates with specific client needs and making offers.

Additionally, they may offer consulting on localisation strategies, market insights and talent acquisition trends.

By working with a localisation recruitment company with industry insight and an expansive talent pool, businesses can easily overcome such obstacles (saving valuable time in the process) and find candidates who possess this unique skill set.


The benefits of partnering with a localisation recruitment company


The benefits of working closely with a localisation recruitment company to build an expert team for an expanding business are plentiful.


Quick access to specialised localisation talent


A recruitment company that specialises in localisation has access to a range of qualified candidates with specific business, localisation, technical, language, and cultural expertise. Excellent candidates are hard to find and recruitment agencies have vetted candidates already in their databases, ready to be matched with client openings.

What’s more, the suggestion that the best candidates are off the market in ten days creates a sense of urgency to hire – and hire fast. With a broad pool of specialist candidates within arm’s reach, a localisation recruitment company can narrow down the search and produce quicker results.


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Streamlined recruitment process


Often, businesses do not have a dedicated, knowledgeable HR function to drive a smooth, efficient recruiting and hiring process. Localisation recruitment companies offer an efficient recruitment process encompassing candidate sourcing, screening and selection, providing businesses with time and cost savings through streamlined processes.

Recruiting agencies are also poised to act quickly – with 50% of organisations under the impression that talent competition is likely to increase in the next six months, streamlining and speeding up the recruiting engine is critical.


Industry knowledge and insights


A localisation recruitment company offers more than hiring support; it provides strategic HR and recruiting expertise, helping businesses secure top-tier localisation talent. They offer valuable insights into industry salaries and benefits to attract the best talent. Their role extends to strategic HR consulting, enhancing your workforce structure, aligning job roles with business goals, and advising on talent management strategies.

A great localisation recruitment company doesn’t just fill roles but fosters strategic partnerships for successful talent acquisition and management in the localisation industry.


Intrinsic flexibility


A competent localisation recruitment company should offer an innovative retainer subscription model that emphasises a partnership-driven approach to managing localisation projects. This cost-effective model can provide remarkable flexibility, continuity, and a dedicated focus on your specific needs, eliminating the hassle of constant quoting and prioritising your business objectives.

The core benefits of this model extend beyond affordability to include seamless integration of add-on services and access to diverse talent. Your company should acquire a strategic partner dedicated to nurturing your global growth with high-quality, efficient localisation solutions, rather than just a service provider.


Confidentiality and compliance


Confidentiality and compliance are of paramount importance in localisation recruitment to safeguard sensitive information and ensure adherence to relevant laws and regulations in any given market. Localisation recruitment companies understand the sensitivity of proprietary content, trade secrets and personal data, and take proactive steps to maintain strict confidentiality.

Moreover, they ensure compliance with data protection laws, labour regulations, and industry-specific requirements, mitigating legal risks and maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct in the recruitment process.


How to choose the right localisation recruitment company


When selecting a localisation recruitment company, several key factors should be considered:


  • Reputation and track record are crucial indicators of their reliability and success in sourcing top localisation talent
  • Long-running industry expertise ensures a deep understanding of skills and qualities required for success in a broad range of localisation roles
  • The company should also demonstrate the ability to understand the unique needs of your business and align recruitment strategies accordingly
  • Recruiting, vetting, and interviewing processes. A recruitment agency intimately understands these things as related to localisation department and LSP roles
  • Additionally, evaluating their network of candidates, recruitment methodologies and customer testimonials can provide insights into their capabilities and suitability for your localisation recruitment needs


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International Achievers Group is your premier localisation recruitment company


At International Achievers Group, we specialise in partnering with LSPs and leading companies expanding globally, striving to exceed expectations for both clients and candidates. Having built an exceptional reputation over the past 20 years through the provision of premium localisation recruitment solutions, we are seen as integral and strategic partners in scaling global businesses.

We facilitate growth by sourcing the best candidates for senior company roles. With expertise in matching high-calibre commercial staff, we excel at building teams that drive success.

Our experience has solidified our belief that people are the backbone of great companies, and we are dedicated to matching top candidates with top companies, to build cohesive teams.

To learn more about our localisation recruitment services, get in touch with us today, and don’t forget to visit our website to explore our insightful blog and valuable resources for more of the latest localisation news.


The Benefits Of Partnering With A Localisation Recruitment Company - Infographic - SM - International Achievers Group