Top Strategies For Recruiting On Social Media

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Interviewing, Recruitment

A growing number of companies are eschewing traditional hiring methods in favour of recruiting on social media, a trend that continues to gain momentum as we navigate the post-pandemic corporate landscape.

There are currently over 5.16 billion internet users worldwide, and 4.76 billion of them are active on social media. This figure is predicted to increase to almost 6 billion in 2027, meaning that social recruiting will only continue to rise in popularity.

However, for companies that are used to traditional recruitment methods, understanding how to use social media to attract and recruit the right candidates can be a challenge. In this article, we share some top strategies to help you get started with social recruiting.


Top Strategies For Recruiting On Social Media - Infographic - SM - International Achievers Group


What are the benefits of recruiting on social media?


More visibility, cost savings, and access to a global talent pool are just some of the benefits of recruiting on social media. While traditional recruitment methods can often involve lengthy and costly processes, social recruiting is generally quicker, easier and more efficient, allowing companies to discover and connect with candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Moreover, engaging with potential candidates on their preferred platforms can be invaluable for building relationships and determining their suitability for the role early on.

Another benefit is the increased visibility it affords your company in an increasingly crowded online marketplace. According to a study by Career Arc, 90% of applicants find job openings through social media, while another study found that nearly 90% of recruiters have found desirable candidates on LinkedIn. Even candidates who are not actively searching for a job may still come across your posts on social media and decide to apply.


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Top strategies for effective recruiting on social media


Social media offers a wealth of opportunities for recruiters looking to attract top talent in the localisation industry, but you have to know how to leverage it the right way.

Here are some strategies to maximise your chances of success:


Develop a strong brand presence before you start recruiting on social media


Long before you post a job opening or connect with a potential candidate, you must develop a strong brand presence on your chosen platforms. Showcase your company’s values, mission, culture, and unique selling points by sharing photos and videos that give potential candidates a glimpse into your workplace culture.

This is also a great way to highlight your company’s commitment to diversity, equality, inclusion and other values that are likely to resonate with and attract the right calibre of candidates.


Target specific candidates


Don’t just post generic job descriptions on your social media accounts and expect high-quality candidates to flood in. Instead, leverage the power of social media to target specific candidates that have the experience, personality and localisation-specific skills that you are looking for.


Maximise your organic reach


Determine which platforms your target audience is most active on and make use of any relevant hashtags or other features that can help to further increase your organic reach, e.g. Instagram Stories. Additionally, content should be engaging, informative and ‘shareable’.


Post content that your target audience will find helpful


Make sure to engage with potential candidates regularly and post content that they will find valuable and relevant.

Are they likely to be looking for information about your company culture? Or are they more interested in finding out about the specific localisation roles you have available? If you can get them engaged with your content, they’re more likely to pay attention when you start talking about open positions at your company.


Leverage employee advocacy


This is one of the most powerful yet under-utilised tools for recruiting on social media. By encouraging your current employees to share job postings, company updates and other content on their personal social media profiles, you can tap into their networks and reach a wider pool of potential candidates.

To encourage employee advocacy, make it easy for your employees to share content by providing them with pre-written posts and graphics that they can customise and share with just a few clicks. You can also offer incentives and rewards for employees who refer successful candidates.


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Measure and analyse your results


One of the key steps in measuring the success of your recruitment efforts is to set measurable goals and track your progress so you can fine-tune your strategy over time. This should include both short-term and long-term goals, as well as key performance indicators. These goals should be reviewed regularly to ensure that they are still relevant and to take into account any changes in the market or the industry.


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Top Strategies For Recruiting On Social Media - Infographic - SM - International Achievers Group